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Fast, Professional
Conceptual Estimating Online
Using The Cost of Real Buildings


Construction square foot cost estimating online. Over 1,600 actual buildings in our database with the original cost to build to use as your model. Using a real building cost is the best benchmark when developing a conceptual estimate. Create a building cost for your area today in minutes.



A ‘Go To’ resource for industry professionals to evaluate new areas of business

Access to a massive project cost database. The DCD Archives has over 1,600 projects and their actual cost to build to use as your models.

A third party check on estimates - use the DCD Archives as a ‘quick check’ to validate your estimate.

Provide reliable answers quickly with confidence. DCD has over 50 years of experience collecting and publishing project cost data.

Start Preliminary Estimating Today

  • View extended cost data (view subdivision costs)

  • Add divisions or subdivisions costs

  • Change divisions or subdivisions costs

  • Modify divisions or subdivisions costs

  • Save a project for later use

  • Access to over 1,600 actual buildings schools, hospitals, libraries, churches, etc.

  • Adjust total square footage

  • Cost escalators through 2019

  • Over 600 regional modifiers

  • Printer friendly cost reports

  • Design Cost Data magazine delivered to your door 6 times a year

Start using the DCD Archives immediately.
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  • Select any project from any category

  • Click the "Customize Project" button located on the left side of the project under target criteria.

  • Your sample project will appear ready for you to modify as often as you want.

  • Make any changes you want to the sample project.

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on How the DCD Archives Works!

What Our Users Say

“I have enjoyed reading the DCD publication for over 15 years. Since the published data is based on completed projects and their related cost information, I find the data is very helpful. The published data is a great tool when making a conceptual estimate on a similar project. As a Certified Professional Estimator (CPE) and a Certified Value Specialist (CVS) I would highly recommend the DCD publication and cost estimating database to my peers in the industry.

Gino Colacchia, CPE, CVS