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Design Cost Data Magazine

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Design Cost Data Magazine (DCD) is the most unique magazine in the building industry. Published since 1958, DCD gives building professionals the power to budget and cost estimate with real cost data from actual construction projects across the nation.

The Philosophy that DCD was built on is now an industry standard. We believe that the one most reliable and adequate units of measure for preliminary cost estimating lies in the historical cost data of actual completed construction. What we learn from the past is the best benchmark available for future construction. By taking this historical data and by applying cost-factors, such as scientific cost escalators and regional modifiers, this historical data becomes a benchmark for preliminary or pre-construction cost estimates for today and tomorrow's new construction. Based on this philosophy DCD was founded and is the only publication that has devoted its life exclusively to building the nation's largest database of actual construction costs on projects built in the United States.

DCD is published bi-monthly and is available in print or in a digital format on www.dcd.com. The archives of DCD, over 1,400 projects with regional modifiers and cost indices through 2017, are available on www.dcd.com for industry use.