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Welcome to the DCD Archives™

Conceptual Cost Estimating

Cost model using actual costs from real buildings collected by DCD Magazine.

How the
DCD Archives Works:
  • Access to over 1,600 projects and their real cost to build. The DCD Archives is updated with each issue of DCD published increasing the amount of projects
  • Target project with regional modifiers and cost escalators
  • Customize project by changing square footage, adding, deleting, or changing building cost divisions or subdivisions
  • Print "Statement of Probable Cost"
  • Access & print the actual project cost breakdown as featured in DCD for additional validation
  • Save a project to return to later for additional customization or viewing (pick up where you left off)
“As a full time construction cost estimator, working directly with architects and engineers to develop owner’s budgets from the conceptual stage through bid documents, I find that DCD Magazine and the online database provides a substantial selection of building types, sizes and the historical costs that I can quickly reference on-line. The breakout of divisional costs along with the written descriptions of project specifications provides a solid understanding of what is included in each of the separate areas, thus providing a higher level of estimating confidence when evaluating differences in types of construction. It is also a plus, with the online database, that I can escalate a past project’s cost forward to today’s costs or the future and have regional modifiers factored into my project cost model. DCD Magazine has become a regularly used, valuable tool for our estimating staff to better understand actual costs and how they can be used in future budget estimating.”

Andrew Beebe
Senior Estimator, CPE, LEED-AP
Phoenix Engineering, Inc.

  • A ‘Go To’ resource like the DCD Archives allow contractors and subcontractors to evaluate new areas of business. Do they want to expand their market into churches from home building, or from schools to medical projects? What costs are associated with the different areas? Subscribers of the DCD Archives can study different types of construction and target those costs to their area.
  • Access to a massive historical project cost database is any estimator’s dream. A historical project cost database is a valuable resource to benchmark costs, determine budgets, to establish a project’s feasibility and more. The DCD Archives has the largest database in the industry of real projects subscribers can work with.
  • A third party check on estimates is a must these days. Owners, contractors, subcontractors, estimators, or other professionals can use the DCD Archives as a ‘quick check’ to validate their estimates.
  • Be responsive to a client’s question. The DCD Archives provides reliable answers quickly with confidence when clients asks, “How much do you think this would cost me to build?” Being able to generate an answer – before plans are drawn – keeps the discussion going and often results in new business.
  • Receive each issue of Design Cost Data for a year via postal delivery.

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